The Purpose of the Gold Coast Airport Noise Abatement Consultative Committee (the Committee) is to support the Gold Coast Airport Community Aviation Consultative Group (CACG) with technical input and expertise. The Committee will consider and where appropriate, make recommendations to the appropriate authority and / or the CACG on matters generated from operations associated with Gold Coast Airport (the Airport), the matters may include:


The Committee will be chaired by the Gold Coast Airport Pty Ltd representative.


Consistent with the CACG meeting schedule, the Committee will meet three times a year approximately 4 weeks prior to the corresponding CACG meeting and at other intervals, as decided by GCAPL upon given ten (10) working days notice.

Responsible organisations are to provide the Chairperson with information on, and/or action taken on outcomes from a meeting at least ten (10) working days prior to the next committee meeting. This information will be copied to Committee members together with the agenda for the next Committee meeting.

The Committee meeting is open to Committee members and observers. Observers must provide at least seven (7) days written notice to the Chair of their intention to attend a Committee meeting.


The Committee will comprise representatives from each of the following:

(i) Aviation Sector

(ii) Community Representatives

(Note: Community organisations may propose issues for the Committee’s consideration through the ten (10) community representatives or in writing to the Chairperson who may also invite Community Organisations to attend a Meeting and make representations).

(iii) Government Representatives

The Chairperson may invite other persons on an ad hoc basis to address the Committee on particular agenda items.

A quorum for each meeting shall be 5 Community Representative Members. It is desirable to have at least the nominated number of Members present from each of the following groups:

Each member of the Committee is responsible for ensuring that progress and other achievements of the Committee are communicated effectively to the organisation or group that the individual represents.

Each member of the Committee is responsible for ensuring that updates on issues raised by the organisation or group that the individual represents are communicated effectively to the Committee.


Appointments of representatives to the Committee will be by invitation from Gold Coast Airport Pty Ltd. Each Representative to the Committee shall be appointed by name and may appoint a Proxy if unable to attend meeting. Appointments will be for an initial period of three (3) years, commencing 1st August 2013 and will be subject to renewal at the end of that period, unless determined at an earlier date by agreement.


The Committee will have executive powers to consider and to make recommendations to the appropriate authority and / or the CACG on any matter defined under Section 1 (Purpose), and which is brought to its attention.

Where a member has a personal conflict of interest in any matter under discussion by the Committee, that person shall declare that they perceive themselves as having a person conflict of interest and abstain from voting.


The Committee will be a technical sub-committee of the CACG. Representatives of the Committee will represent ANACC on the CACG.

The Committee will provide technical, operational and other advice to assist the CACG communicate accurate and relevant technical information and to help consider ways to improve long-term noise mitigation measures.


Where any matter before the Committee cannot be determined by consensus of the members then it shall be determined by a simple majority vote of those members present at the meeting who indicate their intention to vote on that issue. Each Community Representative Committee member (but not invitees) is entitled to one vote. There shall be no casting vote of the Chairperson and a tied vote shall result in the status quo of the matter being voted on.


A proxy is a stand-in for a representative member unable to attend, and shall fulfil the function ordinarily incumbent to that member.

The Chairperson may approve a Proxy appointment prior to a Meeting, by prior agreement with the absent Member.